Admission Policy

All children, except those being admitted to the Reception class are formally screened before entry into the School. The screening is to determine whether he or she can cope at the level required for that specific standard/year and concentrates mainly on English and Mathematics.

The final decision about whether to accept a pupil into the School rests with the Headmaster and the professional staff and is, inter-alia, also dependent on vacancies being available.

Children should also reach the minimum age requirements for entry into the School. Requests for early entry into the School seldom have reasons based on educational values.

The Board has adopted the following minimum age requirements for entry into the School;

Reception A – 3 to 4 years old before 30 June of that year.
Reception B – 5 years old before 30 June of that year
Standard One – 6 years old before 30 June of that year
Standard Two – 7 years old before 30 June of that year
Continue adding a year for each of the following standards/years.

Please note that a pupil, who is two years older than the average age of the pupils in a specific standard, cannot be admitted to that standard. For example a pupil who turns 9 years old before 30 June will not be admitted to standard Two where the average age is 7 ½ years.

Application for Entry


All parents wishing to apply for entry for their children into Crescent School should please obtain the necessary Registration form from the Secretary. This applies to the Primary, Secondary and ‘A’ Level phases.

Please complete the form in detail, and attach the necessary certified birth certificate, reports, transfer and conduct letters from the previous school.
This form should be returned to the Secretary, together with the required non-refundable registration fee.

Please note that the completion of the Registration Form and the payment of the required fee does not guarantee acceptance into the School.

Upon the receipt of the correctly completed registration form, Parents will be informed when the child should be brought to School to sit for the admission test. These tests are usually held during the October preceding the year for which entry is desired. Late registrations are tested before the term begins.

After completion of the admission tests the professional staff will reach a decision as to the acceptance of the pupil into the School. Parents will be informed in writing of the decision. Upon receipt of the acceptance letter, parents are requested to pay a deposit of 50% of the term’s fees, to ensure that a place is reserved for the pupil. Failure to pay this deposit will be considered as a sign that the parent no longer requires a place for the child. The vacancy will then be allocated to another applicant.

Parents who pay the fees for the entire year, in advance, are entitled to a 5% discount. Parents who have three or more children at Crescent School are allowed to pay the fees in installments, over a period of three months, with the proviso that all the fees for a particular term should be paid before the end of that term.

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